#1: Take Action!

I know, I know- it seems a little too obvious. Of course, you need to take action if you want a cleaner and more organized home. But often people (including myself) are confused with what it really means to take action. In the internet age, I often find that what I call taking action is actually just endlessly reading and researching my interest or assignment online. Take the gym for instance! You could spend hours and day searching through pages and pages of training advice. Some of it useless, some of it valuable. But do you know the most important part of getting in shape? Working out. Don’t get lost in the process and don’t get lost in research. Don’t be afraid to take action!

The statue of Abraham LincolnI often remind myself of this quote from Abraham Lincoln before taking on a large project:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

We have all been there. And the popular response to Abe would be, “Done is better than perfect.”

And I fully agree with done over perfect. Maybe you don’t over research but instead are just slow to get moving. However, I find these are often very similar issues. The person who doesn’t start is usually the person who makes a myriad of excuses as to why they can’t. In the Lincoln quote, they would be the ones saying, “I can’t chop the tree today, I have to sharpen my axe for four hours.”

Take imperfect action!

As you go through these 104 cleaning, organization and mental efficiency tips don’t find reasons why you can’t do something; instead find reasons why you can do something. Think about taking action, even if it is imperfect.

Let’s get started!