#5 Clean Your Shower Head!

Yes! Your shower head! While the water coming out of it is clean, it still causes crusting and discoloration over time. Take a close look at your shower head- is that something you want to use to bath yourself? Probably not! But this isn’t just about aesthetics- as always, it also comes down to health. Scientists recently found that a nearly a third of shower heads analyzed contained colonies of Mycobacterium avium which has been linked to lung disease. You can search around for other studies but it should be almost intuitive that not cleaning something can create disease risk- your shower head is no different. Lastly, a clean shower head performs better and lasts longer. The crust and debris can cause the stream of water to be erratic or simply not come out at all.

Alright, so we know we need to clean the shower. Let’s talk about how we can do it. Luckily, it’s pretty darn easy. We will use one of the most versatile and green cleaning products around: vinegar!

First, combine water and vinegar to a 2 to 1 ratio. That means for every two cups of water you will use 1 cup of vinegar. Then you have two options- you can either remove the shower completely or just work with the head still attached.

Here’s what to do:

  • Let the shower head soak in the water and vinegar mixture for roughly an hour. If you opt to keep the head attached then soak it by wrapping it with a plastic bag. This will make everything easier and break up any stuck on gunk.
  • Time to retire a tooth brush (or pick up some cheap ones) and scrub away. The longer you let everything soak the easier it will be to get that stuck on debris off.
  • Give it a quick rinse. If you still see stuck on stuff then go back to the first step.


That’s it! Not too bad right? Let me know what you all think of this and what else you clean in your home using the same vinegar process!



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