#8 Get The Dishes Taken Care Of ASAP

I hate doing dishes, you hate doing dishes, we all hate doing the dishes! There never seems to be a good time to clean the kitchen after a cooking project or meal. Nothing sounds more unappealing than putting away leftovers and scraping scum off of pots, pans, and plates. When I asked around what problems were preventing people from getting the kitchen cleaned, the most popular responses were due to lack of time and wanting to simply relax and enjoy themselves after a meal. So how can you get the kitchen clean while not taking up too much time out of your day? Well, the first step is to break it down.

As soon as you finish using a mixing bowl, spoon, plate, or any other dish you’re using, don’t just stick it on the counter, but thoroughly rinse it out first and place it in the sink. This simple task goes a long way. You are removing the majority of the food particles, which are responsible for foul odors when left too long, and doing the hardest part of the dishes, all in one quick easy step. This way, if you are running late to work, you can have a neat pile of “almost clean” dishes in your sink waiting for you when you get home, rather than a mess of dishes and rotting food.  Plus, as we all know, dishes with food on them tend to be more difficult to clean if you don’t clean them right away.

If you have a dishwasher, then your task is even easier! Make it a habit to rinse off your plate and immediately place it in the dishwasher when you are finished with it. If you have kids, this is a particularly useful tip! If you take the extra 30 seconds to do this, you will jumpstart yourself to having a clean kitchen every time!

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