Welcome to my blog! My name is Linda and this is La Traversee, which translates from French as “The Crossing”. This is a blog about crossing over into a cleaner home, but also a more organized home and life. The goal is to review 104 habits that lead to a cleaner and more organized home. These habits will be reviewed slowly. While there are various suggestions of how long it takes for a practice to become a habit the reality is that it is probably longer than two weeks or 21 days. It’s probably less than 10,000 hours until you master a habit too. Keep this in mind! Each numbered habit post is intended to be implemented slowly and at your own pace. In my experience, it takes me about 60 days of effort before something becomes “automatic”.

Often times, failure results of someone trying to make too many changes too quickly. In addition, I will cover whatever comes up my own journey as I cross over into a cleaner and more organized life.

Also, I hope you like how I went with the classier French version of the blog. The reality is that the English version was much more expensive for some reason =D


That’s the type of practical advice and practice you can expect to see here. Why spend money on a more expensive domain!?