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Everyday Cleaning: Lemons

lemons for cleaning

You would be surprised at how many uses lemons have! I use lemons all the time when I clean and people are consistently surprised to find out how often I use them. Not only can they be used in your cleaning process, but you can also incorporate them into your overall home’s theme by buying lemon based products. Here are my tips to pursue a “lemon theme”!

#1: Buy organic lemons

Make sure that if you pick up some lemons, that they are organic and of high quality. In many situations, when you purchase lemons that are genetically modified, they do not give of the

#9 Declutter With A Yard Sale!

yard sale sign for a clean house

There’s more than one way to declutter. Sometimes you need some financial motivation. But since no one is likely to pay you to declutter your own house, a garage sale is often the next best thing! You owe it to yourself to find ways to get rid of the items in your home that are taking up space, in order to be a better steward of your household as a whole, to promote safety, peace of mind and organization. A yard sale is an often over looked way of doing this!

Still not convinced? Well, keep reading!

Benefit #1: You get to get rid of

#8 Get The Dishes Taken Care Of ASAP

I hate doing dishes, you hate doing dishes, we all hate doing the dishes! There never seems to be a good time to clean the kitchen after a cooking project or meal. Nothing sounds more unappealing than putting away leftovers and scraping scum off of pots, pans, and plates. When I asked around what problems were preventing people from getting the kitchen cleaned, the most popular responses were due to lack of time and wanting to simply relax and enjoy themselves after a meal. So how can you get the kitchen clean while not taking up too much time out of your day? Well,

#7 Don’t Wait Until It Looks Dirty, Wipe It Down!

Perhaps one of the cleaning tricks that is most commonly overlooked is wiping things down even if they don’t look dirty. Why clean if something doesn’t seem dirty? Are you just wasting your time vacuuming a clean looking carpet, dusting a smooth shelf, or wiping down a shiny sink? Think again! My philosophy is it can always be cleaner, because it can be. One thing that a lot of people tend to forget are the billions of invisible dust particles floating in their homes. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Every second these particles are finding objects and surfaces in

Everyday Cleaning: Baking Soda

Everyday cleaning continues with Part 3: Baking soda

For those of you who have sensitive noses, using hydrogen peroxide or vinegar may sound unappealing. Fortunately, there are some general household cleaners that you can use which don’t have a strong odor that comes with it. One of my favorites to use that should already be in your cupboard if you like to bake, is baking soda. Once again, this is one of those awesome and extremely versatile easy at home cleaners. 

One of the most popular uses for baking soda (and with god reason) is to remove odors. It’s like a sponge and does

Everyday Cleaning: Vinegar

Now for the second part in our Everyday Cleaning series:

You may have heard stories of your great grandparents using vinegar to clean, and guess what? They knew what they were talking about. Vinegar is perhaps one of the most popular household cleaner alternatives out there. Not only is it environmentally safe and incredibly cheap, but it has a wide variety of uses similar to Hydrogen Peroxide. Vinegar is great at disinfecting surfaces, removing foul odors, removing grime, and leaving a sparkling clean finish.

 Now there are a lot of different kinds of vinegar out there, so which one should you use? I will

Everyday Cleaning: Hydrogen Peroxide

That’s right! You don’t even need to go to the store to start cleaning. One thing people tend to forget is that just because a cleaner doesn’t have a fancy label and a long list of ingredients and guarantees, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! In fact, many times I find that the simple cleaners work even better.

Hydrogen Peroxide is by far one of the best-underrated household cleaners out there. Not only is it incredibly useful, but it is extremely cheap! Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural antiseptic, and can be used to disinfect sinks, counters, floors, toilets, and just about anything else! You can

#6 Pick Up After Yourself

This seems like a no-brainer thing to do in order to keep your home clean and tidy, but I think we all could agree that it’s easier said than done! If you feel like you’re a tornado tearing through your house each day and like there is just too much clutter to keep up with, give these tips a try.  Self-discipline is the key.  It is so easy to get distracted while working on something and say “I’ll just come back to that later.” Don’t let yourself do it! Instead, take an extra minute to put what you are working on away before starting on

#5 Clean Your Shower Head!

Yes! Your shower head! While the water coming out of it is clean, it still causes crusting and discoloration over time. Take a close look at your shower head- is that something you want to use to bath yourself? Probably not! But this isn’t just about aesthetics- as always, it also comes down to health. Scientists recently found that a nearly a third of shower heads analyzed contained colonies of Mycobacterium avium which has been linked to lung disease. You can search around for other studies but it should be almost intuitive that not cleaning something can create disease risk- your shower head is no

#4 Make Labels

“A place for everything and everything in its place”

Chances are you aren’t the only one living your space. Husbands (or wives!) and kids can make keeping a space organized a real challenge. The simple fact is, if they aren’t the one who organized the space in the first place they are a lot less likely to have a heavy investment in keeping it that way. That’s why I love using labels. You know where you want things but those who live with you don’t always know and a label gives clear direction on where something should  be placed. Not only that, but it reminds 

Guest Post: Getting the Most Out of Your House Cleaning Service

Hiring a house cleaning service can greatly increase the amount of time available so you can focus on the bigger organizational and cleaning challenges within your home. By allowing a house cleaning service to take care of basics, like cleaning floors, walls, countertops and bathrooms, you can avoid feeling like you are always just “maintaining” instead of making progress. I run a house cleaning service in Castle Rock Colorado and before we take on a new client we make sure we focus on one important detail: the fact that the customer is the expert and we are the trainee. What I mean is that the

#3: Organize With A Plan!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

– Alan Lakein

Starting a major organization project can seem like quite a challenge. It can feel overwhelming and lead to you wondering…how did I get all this stuff and now what I am going to do with it!? Having a plan on what goes where is the key to success but every plan must be balanced with a healthy dose of action. Here are the basics you should have under control before you start:

  • What am I going to throw out? Ask yourself, if I didn’t already have this thing, what would I do to get

#2: Clean Your Sponge!

The word clean has a lot of definitions but most often when we use the word clean we simply mean that something “looks clean”. Many of our cleaning tips will take things a step further. We don’t want our home to just look clean but we also want it to be free of germs and pathogens! The biggest offender of looking clean but being dirty is the kitchen sponge! Disease-causing bacteria can survive longer in the sponge because of the wet environment. What makes this even worse is that the sponge is our trusted companion to making the kitchen clean but the reality is that

#1: Take Action!

I know, I know- it seems a little too obvious. Of course, you need to take action if you want a cleaner and more organized home. But often people (including myself) are confused with what it really means to take action. In the internet age, I often find that what I call taking action is actually just endlessly reading and researching my interest or assignment online. Take the gym for instance! You could spend hours and day searching through pages and pages of training advice. Some of it useless, some of it valuable. But do you know the most important part of getting in shape?