Everyday Cleaning: Hydrogen Peroxide

That’s right! You don’t even need to go to the store to start cleaning. One thing people tend to forget is that just because a cleaner doesn’t have a fancy label and a long list of ingredients and guarantees, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! In fact, many times I find that the simple cleaners work even better.

Hydrogen Peroxide is by far one of the best-underrated household cleaners out there. Not only is it incredibly useful, but it is extremely cheap! Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural antiseptic, and can be used to disinfect sinks, counters, floors, toilets, and just about anything else! You can soak your sponges in it, spray it on cutting boards, and even add some to your humidifier to help eliminate germs and bacteria.

It also works as a natural bleach, and can help remove blood and other tough stains or be used to whiten laundry in general. If you are using Hydrogen Peroxide on your carpet or clothes, you may want to test a hidden or small area of it first to make sure it won’t alter the color.

Hydrogen Peroxide is also excellent at eating away gunky buildup in hard to reach places, or that simply needs more than one wipe-down to get clean. One of my favorite places to use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner is on tile and grout. You can simply spray it on the surface and let it soak. You will find that most of the gunk will wipe right off with little effort. Additionally, if you take a closer look at the grout after letting it sit in the hydrogen peroxide, you will notice the stains melt away and vanish! If there was a cleaner that was truly “magical” this would be it.

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