Guest Post: Getting the Most Out of Your House Cleaning Service

Hiring a house cleaning service can greatly increase the amount of time available so you can focus on the bigger organizational and cleaning challenges within your home. By allowing a house cleaning service to take care of basics, like cleaning floors, walls, countertops and bathrooms, you can avoid feeling like you are always just “maintaining” instead of making progress. I run a house cleaning service in Castle Rock Colorado and before we take on a new client we make sure we focus on one important detail: the fact that the customer is the expert and we are the trainee. What I mean is that the customer, or homeowner, knows what they want and is a “cleaning expert” in their own home while the maids are left to follow the lead. We start this communication with our clients but you can be one step ahead! When you hire a house cleaning service, as the homeowner, you need to know:

  • What are your deal breakers or what do you look for in a clean home. This doesn’t mean your house cleaning service should ignore anything you don’t set as a priority but it does mean that if a clean ceiling fan blade is the pinnacle of clean then you should let them know!
  • The maids are in your home for a limited amount of time. You will have to make a choice in what gets done first and what may fall off. If you want to just maintain, then you can leave things like dishes or counter tops for the maids. However, if you want to come home to a deeply cleaned home then you will want to take care of the basics like clearing the counters, washing dishes and maybe even cleaning a bathroom.
  • If you take on a good portion of the cleaning, make sure to give the maids a specific to-do list so they know clearly know what you have left for them to tackle. Don’t make them guess. Especially since your special project list may change from visit to visit.

Do you notice the theme? Communication! Even thought we clean houses professionally it doesn’t make us mind readers! If you want to get to get the most out of your cleaner then you have to let them know what is important to you. Not only do I run and maid service but I also use one. Here is my strategy:

  • I would rather have the house cleaners focus on a task that I can’t manage as quickly or that requires a deeper clean. Because of this, I clean the master bathroom except for the shower. I know exactly how I want it done but the main reason is that I can do it quickly. However, once every  few months I add this to the list of deep cleaning tasks.
  • I keep the kitchen reasonably tidy. This means keeping up with dishes, counters and floors. It’s not perfect and the maids pick up the rest but since I cook so much during the week it just makes sense to keep the kitchen clean.
  • I have a rotating deep cleaning request. Because I keep the house somewhat clean already, I know the maids will have some extra time for other projects. This could be things like the guest bedroom after we have company or the garage just because it’s gotten dirty. Keep in mind, that some of these special projects will cost extra. Diffrent house cleaning services do it differently but we do charge a small extra fee for fridge cleanings.
  • I ask for a space to be cleaned before and after I organize it. If I have gotten behind in organizing my closet or other space I add it to the list of special projects. This way, when I get in to start adjusting the space I have a cleaner area to work with. And because organizing so often ends up making a mess (at least for me) I will add the space to the list of projects for the next cleaning session.


This is a guest post by Betsy Frost. Betsy is co-owner and general manager of a house cleaning service in Castle Rock Colorado. She is the fur-mom to two lovely Golden Retrievers (Tango and Cash) and one cat (Franklin) who runs the household. She loves cleaning and organization topics! She offers organizational coaching to her house cleaning clients as well. If you are intersted in guest posting see our submission guidelines. 

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  • I love this! I always felt like I was too picky to really get a lot of use out of a house cleaning service but it sounds like I’m not the only pick one!

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