Newton Male Purchased to Pay Back $25,000 for Medicaid Scams

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El Dorado– A Newton guy was brought to pay back $25,000 to the Kansas Medicaid Program after pleading guilty Oct. 5 to Medicaid fraud-related charges. For more details visit

An examination exposed that Timothy Stephenson billed Medicaid for services supplied as a personal care attendant to a Medicaid recipient in Augusta sometimes he was operating at another business in Wichita or getting personal medical treatment in a healthcare facility in Newton. The criminal activities happened in between April 2013 and Dec. 2014.

Stephenson, 53, pleaded guilty in August in Butler County District Court to one felony count of making an incorrect claim to the Medicaid program. Judge Jan Satterfield bought Stephenson to pay back $25,000 to the Kansas Medicaid Program. Judge Satterfield also sentenced Stephenson to 12 months’ probation with an underlying prison sentence of 9 months. Convictions such as this one might also lead to a duration throughout which the offender is forbidden from being paid incomes through a federal government health care program.

Assistant Attorney General Ed Brancart of Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s workplace prosecuted the case versus Stephenson.